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    How to be a Mindful Leader

    We are living in a world that does not switch off – with information overload, increasing demands to perform extraordinary results and practically no time for self.  How can we ignite our leadership skills and be at our best if we are constantly living in such a high-strung state? Stress, high anxiety and feelings of overwhelm […]

  • Executive Coaching
    5 Tips on Writing a Powerful Resume

    Writing your resume can be quite a daunting process and many people put off changing jobs because of the thought of updating or even starting a new resume. To highlight what employers are really looking for, and keep things simple for you, we have identified five simple tips to create a powerful resume. If you need extra […]

  • Tangible tools to help you explore your ideal career
    Tangible tools to help you explore your ideal career

    Having a job or business that you love starts from first gaining balance, energy, and focus in order to obtain clear direction for your career choices. Besides professional success, changing careers can also ignite an all around transformation, so get ready for an exciting journey. Once you have your sights set on what you would […]

  • Feeling stuck in your career? Take action!
    Feeling stuck in your career? Take action!

    Do you enjoy your current job? Do you feel like you are progressing? Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled in your professional life? If your answer is a clear “no”, then it may be time to take that first step and explore your options. However, this can be easier said than done and at times may even feel […]

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