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  • Seven Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

    You spent hours on your resume, targeted the right employers and positions, tackled the dreaded cover letter, and made it through the initial screening process. Then you landed the interview — congratulations!  You are getting close to the finish line but still need to give a great interview before you land your dream job. Before […]

  • Five Resume Design Tips for Non-designers

    When refreshing your resume, content is king. No matter how beautiful it looks, securing an interview will be difficult without the right content. In addition, when you upload a resume online, robots scan it for specific keywords — especially when applying for bigger corporations. Without these keywords, your resume won’t even make it to the HR department.

  • 5 Ways to Make Work Work For You

    Changing paths can be a scary prospect and a difficult reality, but having a job you find fulfilling is vital for your happiness and wellbeing.

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