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    5 Tips on Writing a Powerful Resume

    Writing your resume can be quite a daunting process and many people put off changing jobs because of the thought of updating or even starting a new resume. To highlight what employers are really looking for, and keep things simple for you, we have identified five simple tips to create a powerful resume.

    If you need extra support, we’re happy to help you through our CV writing services – which includes expert help from our Career Coaches and Graphic Designers. View a sample here.

    1. Easy to read CV:
    On average an employer takes less than 10 seconds to read a resume. Therefore one of the most important factors for writing a CV is the visual impact. Keep it simple and succinct, with plenty of white space and ideally 1 page, but no more than 2 pages.   If it’s visually well presented an employer is likely to spend longer time reading through the detail and more likely to contact you for a potential opportunity. If the job requires certain languages or specific qualifications ensure this is highlighted at the top of the resume. We work with our graphic designers to create a personally branded resume to fit on one page.

    2. Focus on achievements:
    Employers no longer want to see a list of your roles and responsibilities but instead your key achievements. What makes you stand out from everyone else? How have you made a difference in your previous roles in terms of results/sales/profit/efficiency/people etc? Begin each relevant achievement with an action verb e.g. managed, led, delivered, coached, negotiated etc. and make each one clear and concise.

    3. Make it relevant for the role:
    Tailor your CV for the role you are applying for and show how you are the solution for this role. Customize your resume for the different types of roles you may be applying for to make it easier to tweak and send. If you have the opportunity to summarize why you are the solution for this role in the covering email/application to demonstrate how your experience and skills fit the role and company.

    4. Tailor for the company:
    The CV should not be about you but more as a marketing tool, i.e. it should be appealing to the hiring manager, meeting the company’s needs, using the organization’s language where possible, communicating what your audience wants to hear. A CV that goes into every tiny detail of your entire career history is not what a hiring manager wants to read. You have to do the screening work for them.

    5. Ask a professional or friend to edit and proof-read:
    Remember this is your first chance to make a powerful and lasting first impression. So ask a few friends or a career coach to read through your resume to make it stand out and to avoid obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes.

    So now you see it’s not such a daunting task; the trick is to plan your message and tailor you resume for the role and the company. Ask yourself what impression do you want to leave employers with? Are you the ideal person for this role? If the answer is no, what do you need to change? And remember to be clear and concise!

    Kully Jaswal

    Kully Jaswal

    Kully is Ignition Coaching’s founder and an Executive, Career Coach and Facilitator. Kully works with new graduates and senior leaders alike, helping them find careers they love. She is passionate about assisting individuals and teams to maximise performance, at personal and professional levels. Achieving greater resilience and drive in the workplace, as well as in life, is her main goal. Before changing her own career, Kully worked for over 12 years with Deloitte as a Director in the firm’s London office.

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