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  • Seven Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

    You spent hours on your resume, targeted the right employers and positions, tackled the dreaded cover letter, and made it through the initial screening process. Then you landed the interview — congratulations!  You are getting close to the finish line but still need to give a great interview before you land your dream job. Before […]

  • Five Resume Design Tips for Non-designers

    When refreshing your resume, content is king. No matter how beautiful it looks, securing an interview will be difficult without the right content. In addition, when you upload a resume online, robots scan it for specific keywords — especially when applying for bigger corporations. Without these keywords, your resume won’t even make it to the HR department.

  • 5 Ways to Make Work Work For You

    Changing paths can be a scary prospect and a difficult reality, but having a job you find fulfilling is vital for your happiness and wellbeing.

  • Executive Coaching
    5 Tips on Writing a Powerful Resume

    Writing your resume can be quite a daunting process and many people put off changing jobs because of the thought of updating or even starting a new resume. To highlight what employers are really looking for, and keep things simple for you, we have identified five simple tips to create a powerful resume. If you need extra […]

  • Tangible tools to help you explore your ideal career
    Tangible tools to help you explore your ideal career

    Having a job or business that you love starts from first gaining balance, energy, and focus in order to obtain clear direction for your career choices. Besides professional success, changing careers can also ignite an all around transformation, so get ready for an exciting journey. Once you have your sights set on what you would […]

  • Feeling stuck in your career? Take action!
    Feeling stuck in your career? Take action!

    Do you enjoy your current job? Do you feel like you are progressing? Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled in your professional life? If your answer is a clear “no”, then it may be time to take that first step and explore your options. However, this can be easier said than done and at times may even feel […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Are you financially fit?

    As we reflect on the year that’s been, it may also be the time we (yet again…) set some New Year’s resolutions and personal goals – perhaps health, relationships or financial goals. There are some estimates that over 90% of resolutions are ‘broken’ as we move into the new-year… and the hint of February is yet […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Dos and don’ts when joining a new company

    By Lin Jing November 11, 2015 After joining a new firm, the most immediately stressful task for many professionals can be assimilating into the new company culture, building rapport with team members and conveying a positive first impression. With the onerous interview and testing processes successfully navigated, new joiners to a company will have to […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Does Your Job Stress or Energize You

    This quote by Simon Sinek, author of the popular business strategy book “Start with Why” and its related TED talk, showed up on my facebook page this morning and it resonated with me so much that I felt compelled to share my thoughts. Why did I react to it so much?  Looking back at my […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Plan for Success: Reach Your Goals for 2015

    As we enter The Chinese Year of the Goat , the team at Ignition Coaching would like to wish you all a healthy and prosperous  New Year. The Chinese tradition states the Year of the Goat is to focus on building personal energy, developing harmonious relationships and working towards collaboration.  So 2015 is a perfect year for focusing on your personal energy, […]

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