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    How to be a Mindful Leader

    We are living in a world that does not switch off – with information overload, increasing demands to perform extraordinary results and practically no time for self.  How can we ignite our leadership skills and be at our best if we are constantly living in such a high-strung state? Stress, high anxiety and feelings of overwhelm […]

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    Work-life integration; a step closer

    In November 2015, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SMCP) published an article on family health: how Hong Kong dads battle to balance work and family and why men feel pressured to show commitment to their work. The article highlighted the fact that dads in Hong Kong struggle to balance work-life integration, often experiencing emotions […]

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    6 Tips on Building Trust

    Whether you are looking for a new job or developing in your current role, building trust is critical to developing business and maintaining powerful relationships.

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    Find out why people practice mindfulness

    People take up mindfulness for different reasons. It seems to be a big media buzz word at the moment so it’s natural to ask, ‘What does it mean and why are so many people interested in mindfulness practice?’ Mindfulness works for people in different ways, so we all tend to feel the benefits in a […]

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    Mindset of Great Achievers

    Why is having the right mindset so important to determine your success? How does it shape our world and the results we get? Do you have the right mindset to achieve your goals for 2015? We are all born with unique talents. However why is that some people labelled as being ‘less talented’ become more successful […]

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    Building Your Personal Energy in 2015

    ​Many of us spend much of our time working through our long to do lists, social media, entertaining friends, clients and working out,  which creates a hectic and full day with the limited 24 hours we have.  Even so, we still end the day with unfinished tasks and feeling overwhelmed. In today’s fast speed and […]

  • Ignition Coaching | New Year New Goals
    New Year – New Goals

    The beginning of a new year often marks the beginning of new goals – goals that will make you happy, both personally and professionally.  In order to set goals that will make 2015 a truly fulfilling year for you, start by identifying your personal values – what drives you and makes you who you are.  […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Mindful Year for all

    2015 is here and many of us may be thinking on how to make the most of it. Some of us may have goals and a plan in place and some of us may use January to think about it. Do you have the work-life balance you wanted? Are you living mindfully all your work […]

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