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    The Business of Well-being

    A growing demand in Hong Kong for work-life balance is spawning an industry of wellness entrepreneurs keen to show the way. Kully Jaswal was interview by HKTDC for our perspective on Wellness in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s “work hard, play hard” lifestyle has long been credited as the force that drives businesses and individuals to […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Career Coaching & the Harrison Assessment Questionnaire

    Article published on August 15, 2014 | by career coaching client Career coaching can help you to identify the career path that is most suitable for you and will give you insights about the most important key to success: yourself! Why career coaching?  You may say that your job is not everything in life – […]

  • People Feature: Dealing with stressful situations

    Article published on July 2, 2014 | by Francis Nikolai Acosta Are you in a stressful situation and feel that there is nothing you can do about it? Identifying your stressor and taking action should help, according to coaching experts. Cristina Rodenbeck, Ignition Coaching “If you feel that you are stressing out, if you feel you […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    People Feature: How to deal with horrible bosses

    Article published on May 7, 2014 | By Kylie Wong The quirky and incompetent boss portrayed in the television series The Office is a source of laughter, but having a boss like that in real life is no comedy. A horrible boss can destroy morale, lead to low productivity and, literally, drive one crazy. Ignites […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    The Perfect Path: Top Five Tips To Finding A Career You Love

    Changing paths can be a scary prospect and a difficult reality in Hong Kong, but having a job you don’t hate getting out of bed for (too much) is vital for your happiness and wellbeing. Suraj Samtani talked to Kully Jaswal of Ignition Career Coaching and gleaned her top five tips for those in search […]

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