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  • Ignition Coaching
    6 Tips on Building Trust

    Whether you are looking for a new job or developing in your current role, building trust is critical to developing business and maintaining powerful relationships.

  • Ignition Coaching
    Find out why people practice mindfulness

    People take up mindfulness for different reasons. It seems to be a big media buzz word at the moment so it’s natural to ask, ‘What does it mean and why are so many people interested in mindfulness practice?’ Mindfulness works for people in different ways, so we all tend to feel the benefits in a […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    The Business of Well-being

    A growing demand in Hong Kong for work-life balance is spawning an industry of wellness entrepreneurs keen to show the way. Kully Jaswal was interview by HKTDC for our perspective on Wellness in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s “work hard, play hard” lifestyle has long been credited as the force that drives businesses and individuals to […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Does Your Job Stress or Energize You

    This quote by Simon Sinek, author of the popular business strategy book “Start with Why” and its related TED talk, showed up on my facebook page this morning and it resonated with me so much that I felt compelled to share my thoughts. Why did I react to it so much?  Looking back at my […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Next Mindfulness Program – May 2015

    We are delighted to announce that we will run another 6 hour Introduction to  Mindfulness program from May 18th 2015 over 4 weeks. Are you feeling stressed and tired with no time to relax? Do you feel overwhelmed with information and your work? Are you finding it difficult to focus? Mindfulness is a tool that […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Mindset of Great Achievers

    Why is having the right mindset so important to determine your success? How does it shape our world and the results we get? Do you have the right mindset to achieve your goals for 2015? We are all born with unique talents. However why is that some people labelled as being ‘less talented’ become more successful […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Plan for Success: Reach Your Goals for 2015

    As we enter The Chinese Year of the Goat , the team at Ignition Coaching would like to wish you all a healthy and prosperous  New Year. The Chinese tradition states the Year of the Goat is to focus on building personal energy, developing harmonious relationships and working towards collaboration.  So 2015 is a perfect year for focusing on your personal energy, […]

  • Harvey Nash + WDP Event
    Mindfulness with Ignition

    We are now completing our Mindfulness 4-Week Program and here are what a few participants share from their experience: I have really enjoyed Kully and Cristina’s introduction to mindfulness course. They bring a wonderful blend of personal experience which they share, the science behind it and practical tips and examples to a diverse bunch of […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Building Your Personal Energy in 2015

    ​Many of us spend much of our time working through our long to do lists, social media, entertaining friends, clients and working out,  which creates a hectic and full day with the limited 24 hours we have.  Even so, we still end the day with unfinished tasks and feeling overwhelmed. In today’s fast speed and […]

  • Ignition Coaching
    Introduction to Mindfulness Talk – February 10th

    Come and join this interactive evening on the power and benefits of Mindfulness and how it can help us not only cope in this demanding and fast speed world we live in, but to thrive in it. You take-away: Understanding what Mindfulness is and where it comes from Raising awareness of the powerful health benefits […]

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