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There are many ways career coaching can support your professional goals. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to help us understand your unique requirements and determine the most appropriate package to suit your needs.


Looking for support during a job transition?

Feeling stuck and need a spark to redefine your direction?

Whether you are a graduate, junior professional, executive or are returning to work after a break, we can provide you with professional counsel helping you advance in your career.

Having a job or business that you love starts by gaining clarity on values. This allows you to make more meaningful choices, which are strengthened through consistent action. Success progresses from first gaining balance, energy, focus to clear direction for your career choices.

We are a career advice organisation providing one-on-one coaching, assessments and group workshops to support you through your professional journey. Through regular coaching sessions, our clients identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, words and actions to reach their goals.

If you too want to learn more about our approach, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.


We use a combination of coaching, consulting and assessment tools to support you with your career goals.

Career Coaching | How Does It Work?

Assessments are powerful tools that provide accurate and otherwise unobtainable insights into personality and behavioural preferences, and feedback on behavioural patterns. The insights provided, combined with coaching, improve our clients understanding of themselves and accelerate the outcome of the coaching relationship.

Our career coaches have talent and corporate backgrounds so they understand exactly what companies are looking for during the hiring process. Our coaches use a variety of assessment tools including Harrison Assessments, DISC and MBTI as well as various other resources to support you with your career.

Harrison Assessments is our most popular tool for Career Change as it was developed based on occupational psychology and has a 90% accuracy rate in predicting job success, compared to only 55% for most other personality tests.

The tool helps you to learn about your individual traits, preferences and competencies. It can also help to match your skills and interests to the career that best suits you.

What does Harrison Assessments offer?

1) A quick 25 minute online questionnaire (equivalent to answering 2,700 questions)

2) Accurate assessment based on at least 6 dimensions (Values, Work Task and Environment Preferences, Personality, Interests, Personal Honesty and Motivation)

3) A variety of detailed reports to help start your career hunt:

Career Options Report
Provides a list of career options with individual suitability scores to identify the most suitable options that appeal to you. View sample report.

Career Development Report
Identifies your strong interests, task preferences and work enjoyment preferences and then recommends that you seek employment that makes the best use of these strong areas in order to increase your work satisfaction and likelihood of success. View sample report.

Career Enjoyment Analysis
Compares your preferences and interests to the tasks and interests related to work satisfaction and success for typical jobs within a specific career. For example, view a sample report for an Actuary or Film/Television Director.

Paradox Graphs
Focuses on 12 paradoxes and provides a graphical view of your tendencies related to each of the 12 paradoxes centered around Interpersonal, Achievement and Leadership skills.  Paradox Theory provides a unique insight into oneself and others. Besides offering a window into aspects of ourselves of which we may be only partially aware, it provides a guideline for balancing and developing ourselves. View sample report.

The Result

  • Clearer vision of what you want and how to get there
  • Greater understanding of yourself and others
  • Increased confidence and motivation to make better choices
  • Improved focus to produce faster results
  • Challenging decision-making to maximize your potential
  • Tools, support and structure to make the changes you desire


Below are some of the standard packages we offer for Career Coaching.

Pre Ignition Pack

Initial Coaching session to explore career possibilities and clarify your options. Set measurable goals and develop a preliminary action plan.

We can also review your resume or prepare for an interview to support you with your applications.

6 x 1 hour coaching session
Ignition Pack

Personalised Career Reports using the Harrison Assessment tool to provide you with tangible insights into your personality and how these impact your career and your life. Reports highlight:

  • Possible career options and scores your suitability to over 600 careers;
  • The root causes to your strengths and weaknesses and how you can develop to be more successful;
  • What will make you feel happy and most successful in your career;
  • The areas to develop to be more successful.
1.5 hour coaching session plus 2 Career Reports
Transformation Pack

Multiple coaching sessions to support you in making your career change.

  • Bi-monthly face to face or phone coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited email support and brief phone calls in between sessions.
  • Extensive tools and resources to help you make the change, including resume preparation, interview techniques, marketing strategies and communication strategies.
1.5000 hour coaching session
1.5 hour coaching session 1.5 hour coaching session plus 2 Career Reports6 x 1 hour coaching session

CV Design

Looking after your personal brand is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital and social media infused world, and can result in better job and business opportunities. Research shows recruiters take only six seconds to look at your resume. So you want to focus their attention on your achievements that matter.
Ignition Coaching has partnered with Club Soda and several recruiters in APAC to provide you with:

  • Career coaching

  • Resume copywriting and proofreading

  • Tailor-made design and lay-out

  • Professional profile photography


1.5 hour face-to-face coaching session to define your key capabilities and enable you to (re)write your resume. Includes 1 review round.

Tailor-made resume design, based on a Personal Brand questionnaire. Includes 1 revision round.

Soft copy of your resume, as well as a personal
recommendation to our network of recruiters.


Tailor-made resume design, based on Personal Brand questionnaire and pre-existing resume.
Includes 1 revision round.

Soft copy of your resume, as well as a personal recommendation to our network of recruiters.

Young Professionals

This package is available for professionals 25 years old or younger and includes:

  • 1 hour coaching over Skype, to enable you to
    define your key skills and draft your resume.
  • Professional resume design with 1 revision round.
  • Soft copy of your resume, as well as a personal recommendation to our network of recruiters.
Price: $750Price: $400Price: $325
Our Services

  • Career Change
  • Career Transition
  • Career Development
  • Outplacement Support
  • Graduate Applications
  • Resume review or LinkedIn Profiles
  • Interview Preparation


  • "If you are looking for direction and a trusted professional to gently push you forward, someone who is practical and logical and empathic, who will be your coach and sparring partner, who will gently get you to look in the mirror, but never judge you, who will ALWAYS be your champion, who is honest and open and willing to share her own experience if it helps you, who is absolutely trustworthy and has the utmost integrity, who will never humour you – then look no further-Kully is all of this and so much more. You will be richer for letting her into your life." Dr M O'Donoghue, Academia, Hong Kong
  • "I am glad to have Suzanne as our coach for the Networking Skill Developing Session. She is very sincere and passionate that radiated a lot energy in the whole session. She inspired us with many amazing theories and ideas in terms of both networking and self-understanding and she also make it very easy to understand and to apply. The session benefits us a lot in both professional and personal ways and it is our pleasure to partner with Ignition." Gemma Yim, Intern, Hong Kong
  • "I had a great pleasure in knowing and working with Kully. Through our sessions, she has helped me identify my strengths and passions. What I appreciated most about working with Kully was her ability to guide and encourage me to overcome my inner obstacles that have kept me from moving forward in my career. The coaching sessions have transformed me both professionally and personally. Kully is an amazing listener and is very easy to talk to. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of coaching. Thank you Kully!" Kay I, Sales & Marketing Director, HK
  • "I wasn’t sure what Kully had to offer me as I felt I ‘had it together’ but at the same time was tired and unhappy at work. However,  I was surprised with how quickly the Career Coaching made an impact on my life.  Kully always had something for me  that was genuinely useful in both my work life and home life. She is an incredible listener! What I gained from Kully is a very specific set of tools that I can apply to situations to determine if something is a good fit for how I am designed. I’ve gotten insight about myself that I’ll never forget, and that I will use in the real world all the time. Working with Kully has empowered me with the tools I need to create a meaningful future for myself. She helped me to move forward and make me believe that there is hope/positivity in any decision that you make. Always see the good side in any difficult situation and don’t be afraid to make it happen. Thank you, Kully!  " Laetitia, Marketing professional
  • "Working with Kully Jaswal was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I made a big step in my life, I got a new job I’m very excited about. However, the most important transformation happened inside me. I see now opportunities for change in the areas where I saw only limits before." Vitaly, Banking Executive
  • "I first worked with Kully on a communications training programme and then hired her for one-to-one career coaching. Firstly she understood my intention and aims very well. We had a structured plan for the execution and during the whole program she was flexible and creative in order to meet my requests and needs. She also created a trustful atmosphere where I felt relaxed but willing to be frank and honest. Following the coaching I now understand and trust myself better than before and I’m confident in my decisions. Thank you Kully for the great job!" Hong-Hong, Senior Regional Manager, BASF
  • "Kully has coached my two daughters, aged 21 and 23, over the past year helping and supporting career directions, post-grad course selections, personal awareness, goal setting, stress management as well as resume construction and job interview support. Kully is an ongoing and committed team member in our household when it comes to life decisions. The guidance and support she offers has been invaluable to us as a family knowing that my daughters have “been asked the right questions” in order for them to be clearly focused on their outcomes and happy and confident with their directions and ability to achieve their life goals. Thank you Kully!" Ngaire V, Hong Kong
  • "Beyond her impressive credentials lies a unique combination of analytical skills, insight and heart, and the kind of emotional safety so necessary to anyone in career transition. As an expat wife and mother, Kully armed me with the tools to rebuild my lost confidence and self belief. She provided me with the encouragement and motivation to follow my passion, to not sacrifice my priorities and to remain confident in my choices.  She is a wonderful human being and a very positive force in my life." Rachel H, Hong Kong
  • "Kully listened, asked the right questions and guided me to a better understanding of the key issues.  Her knowledge and inspiration kept me motivated and positive during a time of major transition, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend anyone wanting some professional help in developing their careers to talk to Kully." Ella C, Head of Strategy, HK
  • "I was constantly surprised by the power of each Coaching Session and how quickly the positive effects showed up in my personal and professional life. With Kully’s guidance I gained clarity, self knowledge and the tools to overcome any internal and external barriers. The results were astonishing." Monica P., Fashion industry, HK
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